Monday, March 22, 2010

IRS, Dating, Rugby-ish, Portland, Friendship

So lets get the bad info out first, so I am being audit from the IRS from tax year 2008, which sucks cause I did not think I had any of the paper work for my schooling or work. but then I remember that I'm a nut for record keeping and that I actually had all the taxes from when I started to work in a small box in my closet.

While I was looking for the right paper work I was listening to Lady Antebellum's I Need You Now song remixed by dj Dark Intensity and it made me think about what my rugby brother True said about me at brunch on Sunday in Portland. He said that I did not need or want to just have random sex, that I was looking for love and this song has me thinking that he might be right. I do believe in GREAT love, the kinda sappy love like Moulin Rouge. I just dont think I am ready to give up my chance of having non knowing of names type of sex and fun before I settle down with someone. At the same time I dont believe in monogamy for the long run of relationships. I did though have a person of interest come to my rugby match down in Portland to watch.

His name is Marc, and I had a blast just hanging out with him and talking and just messing around until most of my rugby brothers were all leaving for steak and tit's and I started to feel guilty about not hanging with them and showing my str8 teammates that even though they are odd(cause they are str8) that I'm glad and thankful that they play with us. So I told Marc to head home and I was going to met up with my rugby brothers.
So I got to the strip bar and everyone had a blast, the girls were hot and very flexible with great ass heels on.

So the weekend trip with my rugby brothers turned out to be a blast and like always I had a great time just getting to know more of my rugby mates on and off the pitch. I do have to say that the only thing that would have made it a better weekend was if Aryk was there.

Not many of you know much about him. I would say he is one of the very few people out here I feel like I could call him a a true friend. So some info on him (dont worry Aryk). He is one of the guys that I just have been hanging with on the pitch (rugby field)and off helping me with my change in my old relationship and just giving me advice when I ask for it (mainly lately its been about muscle aches)and he has been my good voice on my shoulder. As my DC peeps all know, my evil ginger side tends to come out alot.

So with all of that being said, I would just like to say, thank you to the Seattle Quake Rugby Club for all the help on the pitch and the advice off the pitch about life and that this weekend was once again a blast.

Till next time all of you be in good health my dear friends far and near.

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