Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bingham,Chris from Austin,Dating.

As I listen to classical music on Sirius Satellite radio before bed I start to ponder the weekend of Bingham, which if you dont know is the gay rugby world cup tournament was last weekend.

The weekend started off with a party at the Saloon where I met up with Pete from Grinder. Let me 1st say Pete is a sweetheart. We had a good time talking at the bar before we headed back to his hotel room where we undressed and kissed, groped,touch and did some oral fun which was fine but I was not getting anything from it. I could not understand why but then I thought about it and it might have been the fact that I saw this hot man name Chris at the Saloon before we left. After I left Pete in his hotel room I went back to the bar to see if I could run into Chris again and I did.

Some back story on Chris is that he and I have been talking on Recon for some time before I left for Bingham Cup. He said he was going to be in town to see family and to see his old rugby team play in the cup as well. Which in most case's I would think that I would not run into him at all, but I did and I do not regret it at all. Now back to the good stuff.

Chris and I played around at the bar and chatted a bit and I knew this was different, this was what I've been looking for. A man who is him self and into kink and doest worry about what other people think of him or what he is doing. Chris pinched and twisted my nipples and slapped my face and punched my chest and abs and it was GREAT! I've been craving this type of play for along time.

One of the things that makes this so different is that he is my age and I mean my age he is 26. We both were done with high school in 2002 and we both are sexually active and into the BDSM/Leather Community. I've played with, fucked and been fucked by mens that I may have not been 100% physically into but have been mentally connected to because of leather or some type of kink. But Chris is a top and a SIR and into everything I am, as I am with his interest's. He is taller than me and stronger then me and just fucking hot. So as he walked me to my hotel he we talked about meeting up on Saturday to hang out at the pitch and get to know each other more.

Like a real true Sir, Chris showed up when he said he would and he spent the rest of the day talking and watching my rugby team the Seattle Quake with me under the bleachers( as most of you may know us gingers(me) burn whenever the sun appears, so I was down there for that reason and also for some private talking and touching.) Chris then drove me back to my hotel room and we did some pretty hot play in the shower then as we were getting dressed all of my roomies had walked and and of course gotten some ideas in their heads but oh well, after they all left Chris and I finish getting dressed we went out for a great dinner had a chance to talk and eat and look into each other eyes and just learn more about our selfs and each other. Then Chris walked me back to my room like a gentleman and had to leave as he had some prior plans with family.

Then I went to a dinner with my brothers of my rugby club, which True set up for us and it was a blast. Everyone had a great time and so did I. As I headed back to the hotel room I notice there was a skip in my step as I was super excited that I was going to get to see Chris in a few hours at the Eagle. We met up there and had a blast as we had been having the entire time since I met him. I know I said before I was not going to be looking to date anyone but when your not looking for something its when you always find what you are looking for.

So with that being said, I am excited to have talked with Chris(Sir) every day since then on the phone and in text message and I'm looking forward to talking about having him come visit me here in Seattle soon.

Life is great.

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